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I've taken my assistance with kids and house to an entirely new level. She refuses my help with laundry, but I make them all breakfast every morning while she is at the gym, pack lunches. I give 50% of the baths, I tell her daily how hard it is to be a stay at home mommy, etc.

This is great. Are you giving her praise and admiration and encouragement along with talking about how hard the job is?

And also, are you letting her talk to you, vent to you, about her struggles and frustrations, and her goals and desires?

Conversation about what is affecting her emotionally == BIG LOVE BANK DEPOSITS! (It may also be extremely emotional for you, but the payoff comes when she sees, over time, that you are safe to talk to about these things. More than anything, she wants a close friend who is invested in these issues with her, whom she can talk to about it.)

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