I wish I knew as well. My WH has had a number of symptoms of PTSD since he returned from his deployment, and he wasn't in active combat but did see things like body duty. Then he returned to our son in the NICU which is also known to trigger PTSD for a number of people. He has convinced himself (with the encouragement of his mother who knows crap about military life) that his PTSD symptoms his friends and I tried to point out to him were made up to manipulate him and that he's not "crazy", he doesn't need help. The Air Force wouldn't force him to see anyone before he separated only 2 months post deployment (they shouldn't allow any service members to do that IMO). He knows the resources are there, but doesn't think he needs them. He's "self medicating" with alcohol as well.

I am BW to WH of 9 years, 11 together
5 kids- 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 years old
OW is in another state, WH moved to be with her and her 3 kids
D-day of EA/PA Jan 11, Fully Disclosed July 2011
Plan B September 11 against my will when WH filed Divorce
OW dumped WH in May, WH wants divorce final but to work on things
Divorce Settlement Facilitation Completed, divorce final second week of July