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On the vasectomy, do you want the ability to have children again or not? Forget reversals and all that. But would you want to have more children or not?

Fireproof is recommneded around here. I finally watched that movie this evening and it's fantastic. A bit cheesy but very good. Would your wife be willing to sit down and watch it with you?

I'm wondering if you come off as nonjudgemental as you claim to be. Would you be willing to record conversations through the day/evening and play them back to see how you sound?

No more children. I have two forms of birth control condoms or a vasectomy. I have been willing to do the first, but after researching the second I am not so comfortable and it has nothing to do with wanting to have more children. My wife has eliminated every single form of options on the table for herself so our choices have been made for me.

I frequently get asked "if my wife would be willing to...fill in blank." The short answer is no, she is almost never willing to take a leap of faith into trying something or watching something.

Recording conversations would be fine. I am successful at remaining non-judgemental aside from letting my emotions get the best of me and wanting to retaliate. I'm working very hard at walking away.

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