Jack, how much more subtle can you be than getting up to pee, brushing your teeth, then getting back into bed? I didn't ask. I didn't move closer to her. I just got back into bed and lay about 2 feet away from her on my side. I didn't move. Before I could do anything, she pre-empted and said "I have to be at my exercise class in an hour, so we don't have time for anything." That was Tuesday.

Then this morning she turned me down for our standing Thursday date. Then she refused to give me a hug or kiss goodbye when I was ready to leave for work. Then she got angry when I gave her a forlorn grin and said "it is what it is". She was angry that I made her feel guilty. Total BS. I treat her well. She turned me down. She darn well should feel guilty. Not my fault. Hers. She made this bed. Not my fault she doesn't like the feel of these sheets. She picked them out.

When you can see it coming, duck!