I feel better today. smile

I am also petrified of driving/riding next to concrete barriers on the freeway, and he's been awesome about being mindful about that. Last weekend we went out to a real nice dinner, just the two of us in the city, and on the way home he passed a car, putting us next to the wall, and without me saying a word, he said, "Just for a second, as soon as I get past this guy, I'll move back over." And he did, and I thanked him, and he wasn't speeding or anything.

With the boat, we were told it was the most efficient at 3500rpm. As some of you may remember, Steve felt that H showed qualities of OCD. I think that may part of the issue here, that H tries to keep it at 3500rpm whether conditions warrant it or not. I can't see him hearing that his car is most efficient at 60mph and attempting to maintain that speed in traffic or on a dirt road or a mountain pass. I don't know how many of you are boaters, but getting into cruiser wake at 3500rpm(about 30mph) is like driving down a rutted dirt road at 60mph, lol.

We talked about the dog people--I told him I felt unsupported when he said I was rude to them, when I felt they were rude by refusing to accomodate our comfort by leashing their dog in public, and then that girl mocking me. He said he didn't want it to end up in a fight, and I get that, it's part of our personality differences. I've already had words with a couple on the dock about leashing their dog that was in my (leashed) dog's face that security got involved in. He is the peacekeeper and I am the poop-stirrer, at least when it comes to complete strangers.

Most of the time, it works for us. He admires me for standing up when he would rather walk away, I appreciate his calming sense that has probably kept me out of more brawls than any middle-aged woman should ever get close to, much less start. Lol.

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
(Oscar Wilde)