Hill ... part of the problem I find .. even with myself, is if i am feeling desperate for my wifes attention (ie SF) she is turned off by it. I have learned to not feel so desperate and just work on me. You need to stop emitting desperation. THAT energy will drive your woman away (drives mine away)... its unmanly.

To kill your desperation.. its not any specific thing that you can do .. its in how you THINK. THINK and ASSUME you are the great catch ... this will emit a more masculine energy towards your wife. STOP walking on eggshells ... BE A MAN. Eventually you will feel more empowered as you self improve.

Start acting like a Prince charming or The Great Catch!. ASSUME your wife is attracted to you(even if she seems like she is not .. act like she is anyhow). DONT HAVE ANY EXPECTATIONS. IF things dont boil out to your expectations and your advances are rejected ... ROLL WITH THE PUNCHES and just let it roll off your back. Stop being a doormat for her and if shes disrespectful .. or rejects you .. dont fret it. Walk away and try again later! Rejection is better than regret! (regret for not at least trying that is). DONT appologize for your desires or your masculine acts! (after all she doesnt appologize for her feminine acts)

Do your best to look good, and smell good, Be decisive, even about the little things (have an opinion about everything) but dont do it for her .. DO IT FOR YOU. Work out and get some mass on you. Find your Humor and make your wife laugh whenever you can.. Look for situational humor ... poke fun at her in a gentle teasing ways and welcome the teasing back. Be Cocky/Funny when you can (in a respectful way).

Heres an example of cocky/funny that works well when used properly and in the right context, tone of voice and mood.

You: Tonight is your lucky night
Her: Oh really? Why is that?
You: Because you finally got to go out with me
Her: Sure! (if you said it right, she's going to be smiling by now!)
You: But no touching - *I* do all the touching!

This attitude adjustment will get you going down the right track all the while you start to incorporate your wifes needs into the bigger picture using marriage builders tools. After a few weeks of your new attitude (your wife will test you several times to see if your new attitude is for real or not) .. stick with it and MB and your wife will come around once you pass all her tests.

WHen PMS week comes .. and period week comes ... give your wife some grace for her out of wack horomones. Keep track of them (i use my note pad in my blackberry to track period start and end dates and set an alarm ahead of time for my wifes PMS week when i think it will start) ... especially note when you think PMS week will start so you can prepare mentally for rolling with the punches with her attitude.

You have alot in your favor ... just gotta fix up your desperation and start acting a little bit more masculine. Combine that with the MB tools that you can incorporate on your own (since your wife is not really on board with it) eventually she will start to notice you more.


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