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Yeah .. i can see that ... its just an example. And as i said .. those moments you have to feel out first. Make sure the mood is right .. set the tone of the day with lots of humor.

Heres another one. Of course mood and timing has to be right. smile

You: do you like ice-cream
Her: yea....
You: on what part of your body?? :P

Just be playful and fun... and stop making everything so serious. Lifes too short to be so serious all the time .. takes the fun out of everything. :P

Edit to add another example.

I think you bring up some valid points about asking desperate being a turn off, but Prisca is right, some of that stuff may not go over well. I was as cocky as they came when we were dating and she even reminds me about how I was more interested in getting promoted at the company we worked together than interested in her.

The ice cream is a 100% no and a total turn-off to my wife. It is funny we can be around friends and she laughs when a friend of mine might say stuff like that to his wife, but when I do it she doesn't like it at all. Maybe because she isn't in love with me? smile

I do think she is in "like" with me, not "like, like", but definitely "like." hurray

Be that as it may I need to stick with one single focus right now which is to eliminate the DJ's day by day. I don't have the capacity to work on all of it at one time and in the past I often felt overwhelmed by trying to be "perfect" at all times with her. If I can just prevent myself from being an occasional jerk then I should solve half my problems.

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