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Well my friend .. moods are infectious ... WHen my wifes mood is all down in the dumps I don't let her mood change mine. I can often times let her words/bad mood roll off my back when she "attacks me verbally for whatever random/various reason that wives generate" and let her know that I am not going to feed into her crap or fight with her ... she gets mad at first says some nasty things .. but later thanks me for not putting up with her crap and tells me it helps her get out of her funk.. True Story!

Yes I believe I have a low tolerance for bad moods because I grew up in a house where my Dad would effect the entire house based on his mood. Yes I need to master ignoring my wife's mood. It is also worth mentioning that any DJ's that come out are related to her being Disrespectful to me numerous times which builds up, OR because I feel neglected and ignored. We don't fight about much of anything other than retaliation or when I bring up that I'm unhappy.

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