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Our goal is UA, kilted.
And Markos still gets to do his animalistic heavy weight lifting, which is kinda sexy wink

Markos, how about I get on one side and you get on the other and we see if we can out-lift Kilted Thrower? smile

I was training for an Xterra 18k out here in the Santa Monica mountains and ended up with a stress fracture in my upper tibia. Stationary bike still kind of irritated it so I got some goggles and hit the pool. I can't really kick so I swam for an hour "all arms" and to be honest I'm toast. Don't worry I left out the speedo! smile

I was grilling this evening for the family and my wife came out and gave me a kiss. Today is Day 3 of the No DJ zone. There were a couple of close calls, but I used my noggin and suppressed that reaction.

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