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When you say day 3 of no DJ Zone, do you mean you have just started MB program of ending Love Busters?

Gosh no. It means that I will no longer give myself a break about DJing my wife even if she DJs me. The pattern over the past year or more has been me getting upset because my needs are not met or neglect or both. I let it build and then snap with a zinger of a DJ even though I know that that strategy doesn't work. I've zeroed in on those DJs as a barrier to getting my wife to fall back in love with me. I've been working very hard on meeting her EN's only to ruin it about once every 4-5 days with a DJ. To simplify my task and not get so overwhelmed with the feeling that I have to be perfect, I decided to created my own roll call about each day that I go 24 hours without DJing my wife. Today is the beginning of Day 4. I'm restless. SF is my #1 EN and its been long enough to where I'm irritable and so I'm overcoming my emotions with my mind and being extra cautious not to let a DJ slip and ruin the progress. My goal is to do this until she crosses that threshold. If she never does then I'll come back and add another goal to track in the same manner.

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