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Great work, Hill! I would say it sounds like you are right on the money.

You will find that after it has been "a long time" (that could be a few days, or a few weeks) since you have been disrespectful, things show some signs of changing.

Yep sure hope so. We spend more time than we ever have together and I can honestly say after being her 4th or 5th choice to hang out with I'm back to #1. I just need to turn the "best buddy" time into "best romantic buddy" time, and I cannot do that if I continue to DJ my wife.

I think in the past I would keep that scoreboard that said if she can DJ me then it'll be even if I DJ her. She can DJ me all she wants is what I've decided, but it doesn't mean I'll do it back. At some point she'll see that she has no reason to DJ me.

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