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For example I sent her a text 10 mins ago about working out together, then put kids down, then massage, then xoxo! After texting all morning back and forth, I got no response from this text.

Well if you specified the xoxo then she may be feeling pressure she doesn't like. I know some women who feel like their men (and I have NO idea whether or not YOU do) have badgered them for SF get really sensitive about any suggestion for SF. I'm just saying maybe try to do something like a massage without any expectations a couple times. I know this will be difficult but maybe your wife might need it to feel loved? You know physical affection that doesn't lead to SF?

We are well past that stage in this journey and there was a time yes that I definitely DJ'd my wife about SF. She has made it clear that she wants me to ask for things, SF being one of them. This doesn't mean that she won't say no and I've learned(am learning) how to deal with that. The act itself is typically very "chore-like" which hurts me deeply but I think will change when she crosses that threshold of love.

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