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That is correct, if I didn't convey that very well, I will now. She meant it 100% as a DJ. Secondly since she is not on board with MB, but knows the lingo since she participated in the forums for about 3 months, she'll get a bad taste in her mouth that I'm preaching. I'm kind of trying to do the MB program incognito.
Since she knows the lingo, and was participating for awhile, it is possible she knows she's being demanding/disrespectful. It is possible that she's testing you, to see if you have really stopped the DJs on your part, or if you're going to revert to your old habits and lash out at her again.

Perhaps subconsciously. She is just kind of abrasive you know? Always has been and admits it readily. There are levels of DJs and although she DJs me quite frequently, my retaliations were the "meant to hurt and sting you" kind. I'm ashamed to say I have a gift for that which I am avoiding at all costs.

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