Its like a swing of a pendulum. 2 weeks it swings in my favor the other 2 weeks its not.

BTW heres how i track the PMS. Soon as her period comes i take note. THEN i move ahead 21 days in my personal blackberry calendar and set an alarm for the day her mood will be out of wack due to PMS. It may be out by a day or two but at least then I can prepare myself for the emotional turmoil that brings. This allows me to keep the outbursts at a minimum as i give grace for the next 2 weeks (pms week and period week) Usually by the time PMS week is over ... or nearing over .. is when the appologies start to roll in and the thank yous as her head clears of her PMS fog and she is able to function with normal horomone levels.

This way its no surprise when it happens ... becasue before it seemed it would sneak up on us and i would react negativly and wonder where my wife went. Well its clockwork now ... and if i dont keep track of it my wife gets rather disappointed becasue she likes the warning that its coming or any day now .. etc. This helps her with her co-workers too .. so she can perpare herself to not get bent out of shape with the other ladies in her office and helps her bite her tongue when she would normally have lashed out at others as well and not just me.

MNG smile