Seriously, I personally am finding all of this placing the blame on PMS stuff very insulting (and by the way, I just finished my period about a week ago, so no, this opinion is not the result of PMS).

I know some women suffer from bad PMS. If your wife is suffering this badly for 2 weeks out of every month, then she needs to go to the doctor, because that isn't normal.

I have suffered from some level of PMS occasionally, but never to a level where things like this were happening. In fact, last month, my period just showed up with no warning at all. Not a lick of PMS. I felt no different emotionally or physically than normal. Actually, I've been having a much rougher time emotionally this week than I did the week prior to or during my period, mostly because of issues going on in my life, not hormones.

Hormones can be a problem for some women, but if it's truly this severe, have your wife go to the doctor and get some help. I resent MrNiceGuy's assumption that all women are emotional wrecks for 2 weeks out of every month.

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