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Hill, tread lightly on the PMS talk. MrNiceGuys wife might be okay with it but I find it frustrating when my H blames me being upset on PMS. It feels like he is dismissing my concern.

I think it's okay to be aware of mood changes if your wife has them and you can talk about them if she openly talks about them. But, don't blame an issue she brings up on PMS, still listen to the concern.

I approach things differently from Mr Nice Guy and I understand that relationships are all very different. The take away for me is to be aware of my wife's cycle so that I can adjust and adapt as needed, not to bring it up, in fact bringing it up unsolicited could be taken as a DJ by her part anyways.

Also, the only blaming that has gone on in the past in regards to PMS is my wife. I don't believe it is ok for the wife to run roughshod when she is PMSing, just like I don't think it is ok for the husband to blame anything and everything on PMSing rather than his wife's behavior. Awareness can only help.

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