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Seriously, I personally am finding all of this placing the blame on PMS stuff very insulting (and by the way, I just finished my period about a week ago, so no, this opinion is not the result of PMS).

I know some women suffer from bad PMS. If your wife is suffering this badly for 2 weeks out of every month, then she needs to go to the doctor, because that isn't normal.

I have suffered from some level of PMS occasionally, but never to a level where things like this were happening. In fact, last month, my period just showed up with no warning at all. Not a lick of PMS. I felt no different emotionally or physically than normal. Actually, I've been having a much rougher time emotionally this week than I did the week prior to or during my period, mostly because of issues going on in my life, not hormones.

Hormones can be a problem for some women, but if it's truly this severe, have your wife go to the doctor and get some help. I resent MrNiceGuy's assumption that all women are emotional wrecks for 2 weeks out of every month.

I understand. No major issues related to PMS here. For the most part my wife can get grumpy several times per day because of kids, house, etc. I've mentioned before she gets overwhelmed extremely easily so I've hired a handyman and explored the fluff and fold laundry service as two possible solutions. We decided the fluff and fold was just way too expensive, but the handyman starts this morning to do 3 hours a week worth of stuff indefinitely. I bartered with him to do some marketing for a lower hourly rate to make it affordable. I've learned to find solutions to my wife's problems outside of my own physical participation as I'm only one man and there are only so many hours in the day. If I can remove some of the things that overwhelm her then she'll be less grumpy which will give me other opportunities to fill her love bank.

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