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Mind you I have mentioned on occasion that my wifes attitude is just PMS (especially when you can prove it after months of following the patterns and then show her) ALOT of women are in denial during this time and THAT can cause some un necessary drama in and of itself

I'm sorry, MNG, this is a disrespectful conversation for a man to have with his wife!

The word "just" is minimizing and disrespectful! i.e. "Your feelings are just caused by PMS (or anything else)" is minimizing and disrespectful!

"Proving it" is disrespectful. An extremely common mistake to make is to believe that something's not disrespectful if it's true, i.e., if you can prove it. Alas, not so.

Telling your wife she's "in denial"? Even thinking it but not saying it? Disrespectful.

A wife's feelings can change from moment to moment, for any number of causes. Being respectful means accepting her feelings as real and as valid. Incidentally, a husband's feelings can also do the same thing. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

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