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By the way, a woman can certainly learn to avoid being demanding, disrespectful, or angry during PMS, and the menstrual cycle does not mean that romantic love in a relationship has to vanish for 1-2 weeks a month.

Agreed, it doesn't have to vanish, but it would be wise IMHO to utilize tools that might assist us in understanding our spouses behavior. PMS is real, and there are times where I might need to be extra understanding to her situation should her hormones take over at times. Again, this does NOT mean she gets a free pass to run roughshod.

I agree being aware of it can be helpful. But discussing it with her and telling her that "she's just having PMS"? You might as well plan to sleep on the couch. smile

Agreed. I would NEVER bring this up, but I will take my own notes to be prepared so that I don't wreck my streak. Wrecking my streak is like resetting the LB back to zero, can I get an AMEN on that?

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