It was HUGE love buster when my H would say it was PMS just about anytime he thought I was out of line in something. I hated it. Sometimes PMS made me feel tense and I had to be careful about myself, but other times, it was because I was upset over something he had done or it was something else altogether.

After a while, I began to return the disrespect telling him whenever HE was grumpy or tense that he must have PMS. Kind of spiraled downward from there.

Many years ago, I learned to recognize my own symptoms and controlled myself. Now that I'm going through the whole menopausal thing, I find myself doing the same thing--doing what I need to do to overcome any feelings of tension, from whatever cause.

My H hasn't said blamed anything on my hormones in many years; it IS disrespectful. If he sees my tension, I find it so much more loving for him to simply be gentle and ask if anything is wrong and what can he do to help. Then he leaves it alone. I feel much better about him when he handles it that way.

Married 1980
DDay Nov 2010

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