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I finally found my notes about categories of disrespectful judgments. They are not as organized as I'd like, but here they are:

judgment: stating that their perspective is wrong
lecturing/attempting to educate
gestures, facial expressions? body language?
expressing surprise or shock at an opinion or feeling or belief

guilting, shaming
exaggerated words
name-calling, labelling
saying or doing something you know your spouse identifies as disrespectful

attributing motivations
blaming, fault-finding
expecting them to read your mind

I statements help, but are not an excuse for a disrespectful judgment:
I feel like (DJ)
I feel unloved.
I feel like you don't love me.

Tough ones in here. I read this list 3 times over and will review periodically.

Please let me know if you come up with any to add! Every so often I still come up with a new class of DJs I hadn't noticed before.

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