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Hill .. you GET it and you did awesome in keeping your cool and being the laid back, no big deal, kinda guy that your wife probably needs you to be..

I applaud you! hurray

MY writing style in regards to what I said earlier was more "guy" talk ... take what you want from it. I also get it that the ladies would be offended by what I said. I kinda expected that. So I apologize for my abrasiveness.

I also agree that all relationships are different and that the romance doesn't have to dissolve for 2 of the 4 weeks of the month too .. I was simply noting the patterns of when my wife is more irritated than other times and usually my response to her when i don't give her grace, for those times, creates that tension .. and it MOST OFTEN happens during that pre menstral week. There is nothing wrong with her, its normal. OF COURSE its not going to be like that for every woman ALL the time .. I never said that.

Hill ...if you were offended by my style of interpretation of the emotional patterns in a large portion of women (notice i didnt say ALL cause that would be false). You have my apologies. I am just trying to be real with you here and not sugar coat it. It must be difficult when your wife is not on board with MB and it probably triggers some tension when its brought up.

Your doing great and keeping your DJs at bay. One day at a time. Its not easy. Keep it up man! weightlifter


I know how to read between the lines, its all good. I did however just have a frustrating moment. I wasn't disrespectful but I definitely showed disagreement in my face when my wife asked me to do something that I was not enthusiastic about doing. Historically, when she asks and I politely decline, she goes to DJs typically. She did that this time as well and I could tell she was irritated, but I didn't fall for it. She then came up with an alternative plan which I think definitely came with irritation, but not the kind she could point the finger at me for. I'm just irritated it happened is all and am venting.

Second thing I was irritated about was her critique of the handyman's work that I hired. Nothing goes without comment and this is no different and I stared at that guys face as she made a fuss about something he did and could see he felt exactly as I do when I do stuff around the house for her. I know, I know, it was important to HER, therefore she complained. I'm venting to you all because it is very difficult when you feel like there isn't anything you can do that is satisfactory. It comes with a complaint, every time and that is what I get a defeatist attitude about. Does that make sense?

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