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Yup ... makes total sense. You also mentioned a few pages back that her hormonal time is any day now .. possibly its a contributing factor to her annoyance of the handy mans abilities, where it may not have been so "harsh" if it was 2 weeks from now?

My wife will tell me that sometimes things just "get to her" during that time .. where if it was not that time, it wouldn't normally bother her. She often asks me now if that time is approaching (relys on the fact i keep track of it because she doesn't often recognize when it comes unitl she puts her foot in her mouth with her co-workers or something then asks me if she is reading into things wrong or asks my opinion on her attitude) so she can learn to recognize her change in behaviors and reactions towards things. She is much better now and far less abrasive than she used to be and more in tune with herself than she ever has been thanks to MB ... and this approach i talk about.

Give lots of grace ... and keep your own attitude in check .. make light of things as often as you can(where ever it fits appropriately). Find humor and fun in daily things and try to make your wife laugh often. "comic relief" geared towards your wifes humor if you can.

You did well Hill .. cant always be on top of your game 100% of the time .. and nothing wrong with showing a sign if discontent in a respectful way. Just don't let it linger and stir your emotions. Be consistantly emotionally stable even when your wife is not. This will help diffuse the DJs on your part. Which is so far so good!

Looking forward to hearing *day 5 no DJing!*


Yep she never skipped a beat when I disagreed respectfully. My wife asks for things she wants and tells me when she doesn't like something. It makes perfect logical sense. At least to her. Like I mentioned before, I don't want to bother people, and I take the path of least resistance. What she asked of me I would never ask of her. I'm not a hero, I just would prefer to handle it myself I suppose.

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