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i see from your signature that you have a toddler.
Is it possible that your wife has postpartum depression?
I ahve read that depression affects sex drive; but usually running fights depression too.

By the way, I used to race a half marathon once or twice a month until my wifes affair. I sometimes place in the age group. I love running.

Is your wifes running friend a "good" friend or a "toxic" friend?

PP is possible although never diagnosed. Three kids is so much more than two and we are both stressed about it. I do think she is somewhat depressed which is why we make a strong effort to exercise and hire babysitters.

As for the SF thing, it is a lot of things. My past behavior, not wanting to use a condom(I'm getting a V later this month), not wanting to get messy, tired from a long day, etc. I figured none of that mattered when we were first married, so I figured it really has more to do with not crossing the threshold.

Friends are not toxic at all. I approve. All married, and when they run it is with headsets on listening to workout music, then home.

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