I have yet to hear Dr. Harley talk about PMS, and there's a reason: IT DOESN'T MATTER. A woman can be very much in love and respectful during PMS, and very hateful and disrespectful the rest of the month. The promblem is not hormones, but rather the fact that she is not in love with her man because he has a history of being verbally abusive.

So would you get off the hormone thing? It may have been an interesting side note about your marriage, but it is not MB and it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things.

Hill needs to extend grace all the time, not just now.

You see (and i have tested this with my wife) ALOT of women (notice i didnt say all women) are not attracted to a man who tells them how great they are all the time (some yes, not all though), talks about his feelings for them and agrees with everything they say (they say they want this but after a while they really dont). In fact they are usually repelled by this behavior because it is SUBMISSIVE! They are attracted to a man who is the center of his reality and has the balls to speak his mind. He doesn't feed into her emotional states. INSTEAD you flip the game with humor and tension so that she feeds into YOUR reality.

I believe Dr. Harley would disagree with you. You've just suggested that a husband ignore very important Emotional Needs (Admiration, Affection and Conversation jumped out at me).

Your wife is not "A lot of women." What works for her won't necessarily work with other wives. That's the beauty of MB -- it can be tailored to each individual. Maybe she doesn't have a high need for Admiration and verbal Affection, but that doesn't mean "A lot of women" don't.

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