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HER: Can you put this in the trash for me?

Old You: Oh, of course! Do you need anything else?
New You: No! Haha just kidding. Sure I can, but what's in it for me? stickout

Be Playful about it! Poke her. Throw paperclips at her head and when she looks your way, whistle like it wasn't you. Twirl her around and dip her ballroom dance style. Tickle her. Steal something from her and get her to wrestle you for it. Give her a piggy-back ride and run at full speed while humming the Jedi theme to Star Wars! ANYTHING ... just have fun make her feel alive again! We always hear how our wives want and love to be swept off their feet, but few of us have the intuition to take this literally or we get so caught up in life and have forgotten how to have fun. It's okay to smile and be a goof sometimes!
Such irritating, immature behaviour would turn me right off my H. Throwing paperclips, tickling, stealing and making me wrestle to get something back...all those things are poking a stick at me to get a response, and the response would be irritation and an order to STOP. That is the kind of behaviour that 16 year-old boys indulge in. My son would do those things to a girl because he felt too insecure and unsure to know how to behave to a girl or to talk to her - so he would treat her like a puppy.

That kind of behaviour would not be meeting my ENs. My romantic, intimate ENs are like most women's; affection (of the non-irritating, non-tickling variety; stoke my hair or give me a spontaneous kiss. Do not throw a paperclip at my head or I might throw a paperweight at yours), and conversation that shows that he is interested in me, where we listen, take turns and respond.

I get a bit fed up with reading "MNG's programme for a romantic marriage" when I come here to read about Dr Harley's.

I also find it disrespectful for MNG to discuss Mrs Hilltopper's menstrual cycles on a public forum without her approval. This needs to stop.

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