Prisca ... I GET that your offended by the hormone thing. Your a woman. I expect that. I am only trying to provide ways for Hill to be aware. The things I have said have TONS of value and he can tailor it to his own relationship. OF COURSE hill is going to have conversation with her, OF Course hill is going to compliment her and treat her like a lady And Of course he will provide affection. I am not saying to put the brakes on these things PERMANENTLY ... just hold back a bit .. so when it does happen its more genuine. Quit giving away your affection for free ... its possibly boring her and hes too predictable so she stirs up strife to FEEL something. (from my perspective anyhow and I could b be wrong .. been known to be on the rare occasion :P)

Another thing though. Maybe, Hills wife needs this approach like my wife did? I dunno .. I am just throwing it out there for him becasue when i read his thread .. it reads like mine did .. his wife acts like mine did etc. I will let Hill decide what works or doesn't work in his relationship. Its very clear any mention of MB or its tactics in MB terminology and his wife doesn't like it or respond very well. She is NOT a MB so may need something different or the very least different terminology to associate the concepts with.

However as per your respectful request. I will stop mentioning the hormones.