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HER: Can you put this in the trash for me?

Old You: Oh, of course! Do you need anything else?
New You: No! Haha just kidding. Sure I can, but what's in it for me? stickout

Be Playful about it! Poke her. Throw paperclips at her head and when she looks your way, whistle like it wasn't you. Twirl her around and dip her ballroom dance style. Tickle her. Steal something from her and get her to wrestle you for it. Give her a piggy-back ride and run at full speed while humming the Jedi theme to Star Wars! ANYTHING ... just have fun make her feel alive again! We always hear how our wives want and love to be swept off their feet, but few of us have the intuition to take this literally or we get so caught up in life and have forgotten how to have fun. It's okay to smile and be a goof sometimes!

I get a bit fed up with reading "MNG's programme for a romantic marriage" when I come here to read about Dr Harley's.

I also find it disrespectful for MNG to discuss Mrs Hilltopper's menstrual cycles on a public forum without her approval. This needs to stop.

You dont have to read what I type ... I didnt ask you too. I am sure if the mods had an issue with what I was saying it would be removed. I am not hurting anyone .. only giving my opinion from PERSONAL experience. I work the MB program .. and incorporate these tactics into it at the same time. BOTH my wife and I are on board with MB so MB is easy for us and its easy for us to both tease and play with each other too with my mentioned tactics. She loves it and loves the variety it brings in a playful way.

Hill gets it ... I can see he really does. He summed it up nicely .. I just like to elaborate so he can get a feel through my words what those things look like. Am i suggesting he do it exactly as i say? .. no of course not. His wife is not my wife ... IM JUST SAYIN for the sake of his reading pleasure so he can take what he wants away from it ..

Oh and about her menstral cycles .. so its ok to talk about all the things going on in his relationship (sexual and the like) .. but that one item has to stop? Do you think she would approve of him on MB at all? From what Hill has said I am guessing shes not very enthusiastic about MB and so if he was to POJA with his wife about MB i bet you she would tell him to stay away from it?

Dont get me wrong here .. MB is great. Excellent tool .. all of what I have said can be used in a MB sort of way ... just have to read between the lines as Hill as already said he does.

Good Job Hill I believe things will turn around for you after a while. ... I know I am a bit abrasive these days(or appear as such) but really im just trying to help ya out. I will shut up if ya like.