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Hill .. I just wanted to apologize for jacking your thread (or contributing to it) I am just trying to help you and giving you info that has helped me and my wife. I hope you found some value in what i wrote....


Hope to see day 2 of NO DJing tomorrow! smile

MNG, there is value and I understand exactly what you were saying and why it works. It wouldn't work for me to verbalize it, but being aware of the time of the month is something I'll be doing.

Today is Day 2 of the NO DJ Zone. My plan is working, but it will take some time. What I didn't think about that is a positive result of eliminating my disrespectful behavior is that everything else I'm trying to accomplish has become easier. When my wife doesn't have a bitter taste in her mouth about the last DJ I made, she is more receptive to letting me meet her ENs. I just keep trying to picture a chart like those one's for a blood drive with a big ole mark on it which represents the threshold of love. I don't know how many days it may take, but I know that I'm determined to eliminate the DJs to prevent any further backslides.

On another note, in learning the MB process, have any of you observed friends or family and the level of disrespect that is rampant in marriages today? It continues to amaze me observing how the majority of spouses treat each other. It could just be my group. I find the level of sarcasm and "belittling" of spouses in public to be sad. My wife and I certainly spent many years doing this and in fact my wife still does at times which is something I need to be prepared for.

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