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Yes I'm working hard at joining my wife in her daily life's struggles. I'm learning not to take it personally. If she complains a bit about something she is just "venting" to me. She wants someone to understand is all. She might doing in a way where I feel attacked quite frequently, but this is not her intent.

Yes, me too!

I bought a biofeedback meter at the recommendation of one of Dr. Harley's newer articles, and I started putting that thing on when we talk about things that are bothering Prisca via IM. Guess what? Turns out I become extremely stressed during those conversations. smile Just tabbing over to that window stresses me out!! BUT, it really is true that practicing makes perfect and I can learn to stay calm while thinking about the issues, and when I do that, I do a better job of not making love bank withdrawals during the discussion.

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