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I want my wife to be into me, I just have to give her a reason to be. smile

You got it man! ... One day you will look back on the things i said and be like "wow .. you were right, its working now"

It takes time .. and practice for your new habits to take place. Just as it will take time for your wife to stop testing you on certain things. Eventually she will feel safe that cuddling/touching doesnt always have to lead to sex ... that was one of my wifes biggest problems .. becasue I would go without my needs met for a long time she would not want to touch me in fear I would beg or whine .. or get needy in regards to making more out of it than she wanted. When she did give in (as a chore in her mind) I would want more .. or i would complain it was not good enough .. or i didnt last long enough ie: neediness. I no longer care about that anymore. Whatever happens .. happens .. and because of that mind set .. it happens far more than it ever did. She feels safe now becasue she can touch .. and get me all fired up .. and then stop and I wont care I encourage it!. Mind you i express my sexual prowness in a subtle and humorous way that relives the tension about it. After all I am a man .. and a sexual and visual being ... I cant be afraid of it nor afraid to make light fun of it either. If it doesnt pan out in my favor .. no biggie .. whatever .. there is always tomorrow or another day. Make light of it and continue to have fun in whatever you can come up with to drop the subject.

One of the lines i use often with my wife now is " HEY DONT TOUCH ME THERE!" in a playful way of course say after she brushes me as she walks by or something subtle like that and she usually responds with something like " Dont touch you where.. HERE?" and then slaps my [censored] or something" SMiles at me and walks away. I will usually try to playfully dodge her to prevent her from touching. haha.. she loves it!


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