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So true, so true. Part of the reason that my wife always told me that I make her feel stupid is because guess what? I DID! Who in their right mind would want to spend time with someone that would consistently make them feel stupid? I know I wouldn't and neither would my wife.

You're figuring this out. smile

Prisca used to complain that I would talk circles around her. I honestly had no idea what she meant. She meant this! I haven't heard this complaint in a while, so I hope that that means I'm doing better.

If my wife asks me how something works I'd love to tell her, but providing unsolicited commentary on something she might say that I believe to be false in an effort to educate or belittle her is a big giant No No!

I love Dr. Harley's "no unsolicited advice" policy. It's goof for all of life! smile

Yes there are too many parallels between Markos/Prisca and Hilltopper/Tgrace aren't there? She frequently would tell me that I would present arguments as, "Well I'm sorry, but the facts are just the facts." It was as if to say, "Well I'm sorry you feel that way, but you'll have to stop feeling that way immediately because I've figured it all out myself for you so you don't have to." Ugggh, gross behavior.

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