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I get the idea, but I don't know how "venting" fits into MB?

What comes to mind from my time here; a particular poster who liked to vent and/or "brain dump" to her husband, which he did not enjoy. She was advised by her phone coach to stop venting about her work day to her (B)H.

The mention that uncontrolled emotional outbursts (not just angry, mind you, but even tearful ones) with your spouse is not conducive to being a pleasant companion.

Allowing her to constantly "vent" is going to drain her LB$ account with you - it's a win/lose situation, sir.

I hear you and yes it could be a drag to be around someone that is constantly dumping on me. I think it really depends on if it bothers me or not. My wife is definitely never angry when she vents(if that is the appropriate terminology). I'll monitor how I feel when she does this today and next week and see how it goes. Point taken.

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