My wife walked through the door and said, "Did you return that stuff on the counter from the store?" I didn't return the stuff from the store, because she did not ask me to return the stuff to the store. I felt criticized and/or attacked. To me the implications meant that I annoyed her for not seeing the bag and receipt and surmising that she wanted it done. Was I wrong to feel this way? Did I overreact?

I responded with a, "I really wish you could come home after a long day and kiss me on the cheek or ask me how my day was rather than the first words being a criticism of me." I had some attitude I suppose and she took big offense to it. It's hard to describe the reaction I get when this happens, but it is kind of along the lines of, "you're ridiculous for being offended by that." Does that make sense? So I took the bait and messed up and I'll once again finish the night with no disrespect. What I'm trying to figure out through bringing you these short stories is what she truly is telling me. I learned that if there is a dish in the sink and I have time to clean it then I will. I learned that if there is a bag with receipt and I have time that I'll return it. What I'm struggling with is my emotions. I felt offended, was it offensive?

I guess what I feel is an enormous sense of injustice. She didn't ask me to do something, then complained that I didn't figure it out. That isn't fair to me. Had she asked me to return it and I failed to do so then I would have no problem fielding the complaint you know? I get the same feeling when she blames someone for something when it wasn't there fault, or when she asks me to pick up my clothes from the floor even though she does the same thing. It all seems to center around truth, or justice, or hypocrisy? I'm not really sure, but there is a pattern that I need to break and a method I need to create when these things come up because I have an extremely hard time not letting my emotions stir when this happens. Specifically I'd like some you to address this whole obsession with this truth serum or whatever it is I have.

Married 15 years
12 y/o DD
10 y/o DS
6 y/o DD