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I still say there is an element of truth serum that I don't do well with. If something isn't true then I feel compelled to point it out.


remember the old saying, "do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?"

I second CWMIs idea for a response.

I'm thinking she asked you if you had returned the item in an annoyed tone of voice, raising your defenses? What do you think she would have responded if you would have answered simply in an even tone, "no"? That was the truth, correct?

I think you are inferring she was mad about it, but that is not inherent in the words said, even if it may be true. And you can deescalate the situation by just handling it calmly.

I am thinking Dr. Harley's idea that a DJ is in the eyes of the offended spouse would be more applicable once you have her buy in on MB concepts, because she has fallen back in love with you.

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