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It is possible, but from what I've read, extremely unlikely.

Did she ever show an interest in sex?

Have you asked her (at a time when things are calm -- not in the heat of the moment!) why she declines and if there's anything you can change that would make her feel less like declining?

I would say sex became chore like after child number one for sure. The fun part and the emotional connection was sucked right out of it to be replaced by "let's just get this done." This is not the woman I married and I remember her pursuing me many a night when I wasn't in the mood.

I've asked her a few times, but not so much as to push her away about it. When I ask her respectfully it used to be that she was afraid of getting pregnant, but that is no longer the reason. Now it is typically answered with, "Oh that is all you want."

Now that I think about it, I want a lot of things from her and she meets those needs pretty good and is getting better as am I. She mentioned low libido briefly in a few very short conversations and I believe I heard her say the doctor said she is low in testosterone which I know Dr H sometimes points out.

It is a double edged sword because I don't get that need met enough and when it is met I'm sometimes made to feel bad about wanting it met in the first place. Sometimes when we make plans for sex, she'll tell me to go upstairs and that she'll be up in 3 mins, but then she sometimes watches a show for another 20-30 mins before she comes upstairs. That makes me feel like complete crap.

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