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Morning Hill... how are you feeling today? How are you doing at NOT projecting a "needy" energy towards your wife?

I read some of the replys and such since i last posted to you and seen that the pendulum is not swinging in your favor YET.

SHe is still testing you and may even be (unknowingly) looking for you to resort back to your old "needy" ways to say something like "look... see .. you have NOT changed" DOnt get discouraged ... keep up the "roll with the punches and the no big deal kinda guy" that she needs you to be.

I quoted myself from page 148 of your thread.. so if you wanted to go back and look at some of the stuff i typed earlier from pages 138 (i think) to 152.
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You ask if your wife is testing you? OF COURSE SHE IS. Especially if your attitude is changing from the norm ... your wife might want to see if its for real. She wants to FEEL your changes as permanent so she may push your buttons to see where the new ones are. If you RARELY falter in your emotional state (keeping it from being negative) she will eventually give up doing these tests because you will be stimulating in other ways!

Change takes time .. and probably even longer for your wife to accept those changes than for you to actually make the changes.


No neediness just confidence and yes the test is officially on. I'm sticking to the game plan.

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