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It has been less than a week since my last DJ. She doesn't doodle and doesn't contact me unless she needs something or has a question or wants my opinion. She did initiate holding my hand in the car yesterday or the day before which felt amazing and she rarely does that so I must be getting somewhere. I think you are correct. She wants to see if this whole "show" is real before she'll invest energy in me and I don't blame her.

Yes, and that's true for her on a conscious level and on an unconscious level. Her Love Bank probably isn't fully open yet and is in the process of opening (i.e., she's coming out of withdrawal into conflict, possibly bouncing back and forth).

Once her feelings start telling her that this is real, then her conscious thinking will catch up.

I don't think that analysis is correct. I think withdrawal ended quite a while a go. I definitely think we have been in conflict for several months now where DJs have been ruining the deposits that we are making meeting needs. I think it is slow and steady, but unless the DJs are completely eliminated it will take forever which is why I came up with my roll call. Today is day 7 of the NO DJ/NO REACTION Zone.

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