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Last night when she let me down again I could see in her eyes that she felt awful.

That's something to focus on. She really does want to meet your emotional needs. She is just not yet feeling the emotional connection that will make it feel possible for her.

She has before, though, and she will again.

Another thing to focus on, and I have to remind myself of this a lot: there is not necessarily a need to hurry to resolve whatever problem has got me emotional. If I remind myself of that, remind myself that a lot of problems have gone on for awhile and we are working toward solutions but aren't likely to solve them all "right this instant" or "today," I am able to calm down, be more patient, and not act in a way that makes love bank withdrawals and makes it even LESS LIKELY that I will get my needs met.

Impatience has been one of my number one mistakes.

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