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Maybe husbands should all start dismissing what our wives have to say!

Of course, I didn't mean hilltopper should dismiss his wife. I just think there is more going on here than perhaps she even realizes.

I think he would benefit from talking to Dr. Harley. Understand the POJA problem you have with that though.

what would you think of giving this a few days to cool off, letting your wife know you need to have a conversation (advance warning would be good I think)? During the conversation, ask her what her ideas are for meeting your top EN. Offer your idea of calling radio show for advice or getting telephone counseling, or doing the online course, whichever appeals to you most. Then negotiate for enthusiastic agreement on whatever ideas come up.

I think it has to be a time you are feeling emotionally collected, because with the info you found last night, it would be too easy to have a monster DJ. So like Markos says, patience is a virtue.

And if she blows off the idea of having the discussion.... well, that's for smarter heads than me.

50+ yo couple enjoying our empty nest.
Young adult kids out on their own.
"Enthusiastic agreement?" is our catch phrase.