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In other words, women often need to start having sex before they have the desire for sex.

I think most women in mutually satisfying relationships often agree to sex when it's not something they are "up to" at the moment, but they know it's something their husband really needs. And usually, it ends up being really good for her too (if her husband is smart).

Not sure why your wife isn'twilling to do that?

She is not willing to do that because she is not in love.

A woman needs 2 things in order to enjoy sex: the feeling of being in love, and the prospect of enjoyment.

Her lovebank isn't full yet. When it is, she will have an easier time fulfilling this need.

Again, venting here. What is there not to love? Is a mild DJ every week or so the entire thing here? It makes no sense. Either I'm a complete moron and can't grasp the MB concepts and essentially am wasting energy and effort, or my wife is immune to MB principles.

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