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I just don't feel capable of giving her what she needs in a man at this point.

Wow, from what I hear, you have become a great husband and have been giving her what she needs in a man -- just not for long enough.

And of course there's the recent DJs, which are not what she needs in a man. You are capable of stopping those.

Perhaps you are right, I just don't know. Perhaps the damage I did for so long just takes a long, long time to recover from. I have a lot of advice here. Call Steve Harley with or without my wife's agreement, or just keep doing what I'm doing. I don't know how long or how many times that I can be promised sex and then have it taken away. To her I suppose "it's just sex" but to me it's a crushing blow to my ego, my heart, and my mind each and every time. The opposite effect has occurred, I don't feel close to her and if she offered I would be the one "not up to it."

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