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Scheduling puts "pressure" on her (at least thats what my wife said). And IT would often lead to awkward moments where my wife would say something like "So i guess we should have sex then huh?" and she would do that act .. but be lifeless. Which is NOT fulfilling

That is because you are doing it wrong. Did you read Dr Harley's article, How to Get the Sex you Need? Sex should be an EVENT, and not just routine NEED that is met in a vacuum. It needs to met in conjunction with the other ENs, such as affection, recreational companionship and conversation during your UA time. For example, when you go out and spend 3 hours on a hot date, the night should be finished with SF.

When you do it like that, your wife does feel romantic because she will feel emotionally attached to you.

"Spontaneity" does not = ROMANTIC, just keep that in mind. Just because something is spontaneous does not mean it is romantic. Being romantic is what makes it romantic. If you SCHEDULE your sex in a way that makes sense, in the context of a romantic DATE, it does not feel robotic. You have to MAKE it romantic and set the stage, in other words.

People that don't schedule it, usually don't do a good job of meeting each others emotional needs because time that is not scheduled is too easy to put off.

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