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People that don't schedule it, usually don't do a good job of meeting each others emotional needs because time that is not scheduled is too easy to put off.

Yup I did read that article. .. i get it (now but at the time when my needs were unmet for weeks on end) .. but my attitude usually sucked due to my unmet needs. Which sucked the mood right out of my wife. She would give me this look, because she could tell i was expecting sex, (even after a hot date) that was like " i guess its time for sex .. we had dinner .. lots of talking ... a nice walk .. etc .. an all round good night and my wife would blurt out that line almost everytime. "I guess its time huh?"

We did schedule it. Just in the moment she would usualy be put off by it becasue she knew i expected it that day. Dunno why .. I would try and ACT like i didnt want it (i really did inside) she would rush it .. and not want it to be enjoyable for herself. I could never understand that .. but eventually had to accept it. Of course its not like that anymore .. i just tease her a bit or bug her in a fun and sexual way and drop my "hint" and carry on like i didnt. Tease her a bit ... wrestle her ... lean in and kiss her during a TV commercial ... whisper things in her ears ... etc. IM getting much better at being FUN for her (her request) and she initaites more and if she choses not to want fulfillment for herself .. IM cool with that .. she lets me know now and feels alot more secure knowing when i answer i mean what I say.

Bascily anytime my wife KNEW i wanted sex ... she felt pressured to "put out" and that mind set just stuck with her for a long time. Thank good ness .. not anymore .. she can hardly keep her hands off me .. We have a new word too! .. "comfort" is our "word" for sexual touching! haha! TMI?? *shrugs*

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