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Yup .. i get it .. but my attitude usually sucked. Which sucked the mood right out of my wife. She would give me this look (even after a hot date) that was like " i guess its time for sex .. we had dinner .. lots of talking ... a nice walk .. etc .. an all round good night and my wife would blurt out that line almost everytime. "I guess its time huh?"

The problem is that you didn't do a good job of meeting her needs of conversation and affection during your UA time because typically a woman feels so close and bonded to her husband after a night out together that she looks FORWARD to it. That is how it should work if you are hitting the mark. If your attitude "sucked" that would be the reason. Who wants to make love to a guy with a bad attitude? yuck!

Something didn't happen here that caused her to NOT look forward to it. That is what I would work on. I would guage her reaction to the prospect of sex as an indicator of your success at meeting her needs.

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