Mel .. have I ever told you that your awesome!?


I get plenty now ..... i usually dont have to initiate or complain .. or anything anymore. Our UA time is fantastic.. my 14YO daughter is very helpful in that regard ... and very MB oriented. She says things to us like "hey ... you guys going to get in some of your UA time this evening? I will go to bed early for ya, or you guys can go out and i will look after my brother!"

AFter our 14YO got dragged through grandmas affair junk ... and we got rid of grandma and tuned our family into what TRUTH was and keeping our family unit sacred ... dd14 has changed TONS for the better.

DD14 even Mows the lawn and i didnt even have to ask! I came home from work on several occasions to find many chores done as does my wife find this aswell for alot of the inside things...

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