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See that's the thing. We have a fabulous time on date night, holding hands, a few kisses. Each time I think I'm home free. I don't beg, I act as if it's no big deal to me, but it never turns out that way. I've never seen a girl go from flirtatious to "you get nothing" so easily as if it's no big deal.

That is because you are still working against an AVERSION and your lovebank is in the RED. Once it gets in the black, that will change. What will bring you there is CONSISTENT scheduling over a period of time. [8 to 10 weeks]

Consistency and hitting the 20+ mark will get you there. She won't feel like it at first but she will after awhile.

20+ is not happening. It took forever to get her to buy into "date night" which we do on Fridays. Between that 4 hours and about another 10 or so mixed throughout the week we are close to 15. I'll see if she is interested in Date Night + Workout Night to push it up a bit.

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