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Ok, then why did you say you were upset about this?

Also, I would try and find activities where you can meet each others emotional needs. You should be meeting the 4 intimate ENs. What kind of activities can you think of that you both enjoy?

Because my needs are being met as it is and I certainly don't want her to spend time with some other dude, personal trainer or anything else.

To answer your question about what do we like to do, there are a lot of things. Athletics will be the core of our time together. This could be taking spin classes together, doing speed work on the treadmill, hiking, cycling, or other weight lifting activities or core workouts. I let her know my vision of what we should do between the hours of 4-8pm each night with the sitter so I have to wait for her to respond. I said I wanted to get out the calendar and map it out each week. If the boy has karate, then the other two can stay with the sitter while we go together and hang out during the class. Same with gymnastics with the daughter. Sometimes the sitter we'll take the kids to the park and we'll have sex which means we'll both have energy rather than the end of the night when we are both exhausted. Other times we'll go get some coffee or go to dinner or a movie.

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