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(1)For whatever reason my wife isn't interested in a mutually beneficial relationship with feelings of love. It's not that she is opposed to love, (2)its that she might have a different view on what a marriage is supposed to be than I do.

1. She would be, if she experienced it.

2. My H had a very different view of marriage than I did. My mistake, I assumed that the relationship we had prior to marriage would continue. It was only later that I learned he believed that "men don't date their wives." Ha! He had a lot of beliefs that felt out-of-the-blue to me--like POJA was 'asking permission' which was childish/p-whipped. And that making money meant he didn't have to do anything else, like interact with us. So? Views can be changed through education and experience.

Hill, I do want to smack your noggin for turning away her offer of sex the other night. When you complain that a need is not being met, then are presented with ANY opportunity to have it filled, take it and make sure that your spouse is GLAD to have made the gesture. You FAILED. You know this, though, right? Please tell me that you know that you missed an opportunity to make your wife see the benefit of reaching out to you.

Yep I blew it and I apologized.

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