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This is great news, Hill! I like your running analogy - makes sense. And I'm really glad your wife is on board with spending time together.

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So now I come back and realize I have a bad marriage and want to flip the switch tomorrow, start having my wife be "into" me, and have sex all the time. I wouldn't want to do it either. She'll come around though when she spends consecutive and consistent hours with me.

This is great insight. And I know you know this: the time she spends with you needs to be 'safe' and 'pleasant' for herboth of you: no DJs or AOs at all, or it risks ruining the whole thing. It's kinda like a tall, cool glass of ice water....with a 'tiny bit of bird poop' in it....would you want to drink that? Me either. wink

You'll do great! Your attitude is fab, your plan is good. I am rooting for you guys!!

Hill, have you read this one yet;

How to Make Your Wife Happy

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